Everyone meet this sweet girl, Callie! She is a beautiful black German shepherd/Lab mix, who is a little over 2 years old. She is a very well-behaved girl, her foster parents say she has tremendous manners for her age! 

Callie is very sweet to other animals (she has two foster dog siblings as well as two foster cat siblings.) Callie is unusually quiet. However, she does get excited and barks when she sees a dog in the distance. She’s just trying to say hello!

While Callie is very sweet, she knows how to stand her ground around amongst other dogs. She will not bite but she does let other dogs know to leave “her” bed and food alone. Oh, and she’s kennel trained! 

Callie’s just a fun loving girl who likes to play and run but also enjoys a good afternoon nap. Best of both worlds, what can beat that?! Are you interested in giving Callie a ‘fur-ever’ family? Let us know!