This gentle senior is named, Claire. She is approx. 9years old, 40lbs, and possible Boxer, Lab & maybe Pit mix.
Claire left the Harris County Animal Shelter with a severe URI. After ten days on antibiotics she has recovered. Claire is spayed and completely house broken. She was very under weight but this girl has a survivor’s spirit.  She loves to eat! She’s been eating one cup of Blue Buffalo chicken and brown rice dry food morning and evening.  (She was getting a little less dry but her foster was adding one third can of Blue Buffalo chicken  or beef. She was weaned her off the wet food this week and increased her dry to one cup twice daily.) Claire also loves PEANUT BUTTER. Frozen in a kong toy is a favorite. Claire responds to soft spoken encouragement and loves back and ear rubs. She has very little sight due to cataracts but she clearly compensates with her sense of smell and her hearing. She loves rawhide bones. Lots of soft blankets (she is kennel trained.) The Crate size she has is: 42″L x 28″W x 30″H). She tends to have dry skin but when flakes appear I add 1 tbs melted coconut oil to her food and that clears it up almost immediately.
Claire loves to lie in the sun. She is dog, cat and child friendly. Claire is a total sweetheart.  She will need gentle, patient guiding through a new home until she gets the lay if the land…then she walks with much more confidence. ❤
She would be the perfect companion for anyone who isn’t super active. She just wants to snuggle.

Claire is living with her foster family in Spring Texas (Northwest Houston area).