Kole is great with humans, dogs, kids, and potentially cats but like all dogs, I highly suggest slow introduction. I personally have not tested him with cats but he makes no sudden movement when he sees a cat. He is making daily progress with his skin condition but is healthy now enough to become the CEO (Chief Excitement Officer) at home! His skin condition is NOT contagious in any way, just poor health before he got dumped at the shelter.

So far, his skills are – Invade your personal space – Wake up and love you forever because you will be the first thing on his mind – be your ride or die – Smile and talk to you all day. Yes, he is super vocal. Doesn’t bark and things but he will talk back if you are talking directly to him. – Chase your bad days away – Sit – Down – Stay (I am able to get him to lay down, tell him to stay, put treats down in his bowl, and he won’t come over until I clap my hands!) – Fetch

– Go to bed – Eating tons for #bulking – Heel and walking on a loose leash ••••Potty trained••••