Miles is a very loving and obedient dog that has a few needs. He takes a bit to warm up to complete strangers. He came to me very fear aggressive and unable to handle. After a few days of decompressing he started to trust. Once he had trust, he was grateful. He initially was very barrier reactive and challenged anyone who would come near his kennel or dog run. He no longer exhibits this behavior here, but I worry the change to a new environment will make him regress slightly. He requires a savvy handler who has patience to help him succeed. He can be stubborn and unwilling at times and will react negatively if pressured.

Miles is a Bulldog mix, Heartworm negative, comes with 4 months of Heartguard, neutered, up to date on shots and weighs 75 lbs.

He walks great on a leash, has no issues on field trips to Home Depot or Lowe’s. Will lay down for dinner and patiently wait to exit the kennel or dog run until released. He’s happy to interact with you and loves preforming his basics of sit, down, and wait. He loves nothing more than to receive affection and play time. He does well with female dogs of all sizes with slow, controlled introductions. Unfortunately, he is unaccepting of males at this time.

He is not what I consider an easy dog with new handlers and will need a strong leader to continue his success. But once you’ve gained that trust the sky is the limit. He’s truly a love bug with trust issues.

The rescue is interested in either transferring him into another rescue or finding permanent placement as they are slightly overwhelmed with the current situation.

Please share in hopes of helping this sweet deserving boy out! 🐾 💕