From Rudy’s trainer/boarder that’s had him for 2 weeks……….
“It’s beyond me how this guy wound up on the EU list for a bite case. There isn’t one ounce of aggression in this boy. He is just a big puppy. He comes out the dog run or kennel excited but immediately calms and turns into a love bug. Very gentle, very affectionate, a very, very good dog. Loves to preform for treats. Takes them gently then eager for more interaction. He has done wonderful with other dogs. He is one of the better dogs I’ve had the pleasure to work with. Non destructive if given outlets, aka chew toys. House & kennel trained. He is truly a dream!!!!!
Rudy is responsive to verbal corrections. He will initially try to jump on you out of excitement but can be quickly redirected with a sit. Someone is going to be very lucky opening thier hearts and home to this sweetheart. 💕🐾
We need a foster or adopter for this sweet boy in or near Austin if possible. Houston area OK