Are you looking to re-home your pet? Here are a few resources that can help: 


For rescues and shelters in our RSVP program, Emancipet offers a 25% discount on spay/neuter costs. Contact Ruth Hernandez,  the Accounting Manager with EMANCIPET, for more information and/or an application.
Office: 512.587.7729 ext 7015

****Did you know that the City of Buda has a Spay and Neuter Voucher Program?

HOW IT WORKS: Anyone is eligible to get a voucher as long as you have a Buda address (mailing address is acceptable). There is a limit to 3 pets per household. The only vet used with Buda is Emancipet. The voucher only covers the surgery and the owner is responsible for medications and vaccinations if needed.

VOUCHER FORM: Please return the voucher form (which can be found at to the shelter or to Buda Animal Control for it to be processed. This program is not grant funded and the funds are limited to first-come, first serve. All services are provided by Emancipet through Buda Animal Control. ****

Austin affordable immunizations and preventatives

Pet Transportation:

Pawsitively Texas:


US Animal Assistance Programs:

American Animal Hospital Association’s Helping Pets Fund (AHMA)

Brown Dog Foundation,

Canine Cancer Awareness,

Cats In Crisis

Cody’s Club (Radiation treatments)

Diabetic Pets Fund

Feline Outreach,

Feline Veterinary Emergency Assistance Program,

Good Sam Fund,


IMOM Inc.,

Orthodogs’ Silver Lining Foundation (Orthopedic Cases and Service Dogs),

The Perseus Foundation (Cancer specific),

The Pet Fund,

United Animal Nations LifeLine Fund

Breed Specific Assistance Programs:

The Boston Terrier Rescue Net,


Disabled Dachshund Society,

Dougal’s Helping Paw (Scottish Terriers, West Highland White Terriers and other small, short legged terriers),


Labrador Harbor,

Labrador Lifeline,

Special Needs Dobermans,

Westimed (West Highland White Terriers),


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