Juan was found as a stray on Juanita street in San Antonio. We pulled him from the EU list at the last minute, because he was such a sweet boy.  He is young, around 2, and we think he’s a boxer mix, as he has that bouncy boxer trot. He is so friendly and very playful; he loves playing with other dogs and enjoys his collection of toys. He loves kids, but he may be too rambunctious for smaller children as he can be  a bit of a bull in a china shop, but he would do well with older children/teens. He’s a funny boy, full of personality who keeps us laughing. He does need some work on his manners and obedience, but he’s a quick learner and a few obedience classes should do the trick. He’s eager to please, and already house & kennel trained. He rarely barks, and is well behaved when left alone. He is looking for an owner who has the time and patience to nurture his energy, and give him all the Loving and snuggling he needs.